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Cruiser Shares Just How Bad Crossing the 'Drake Passage' Really Is

Better pack the Dramamine.

Taking a cruise to Antarctica is on so many travel lover's bucket lists, and there's absolutely no doubt about why. It's not like you can take in the views there anywhere else in the world, after all. And for frequent cruisers who feel like they've been there, done that when it comes to the Caribbean, it's a great, unique option to make cruising feel fresh again. 

But if you're someone who easily gets motion sick, you might want to avoid this type of cruise altogether — or at least come well equipped with a large supply of Dramamine. In a TikTok video, @mylifeasatravelmovie shared what it was really like crossing the Drake Passage on a cruise ship, and in a word... yikes.

This video is meant to be her response to those who ask her, "Is the Drake Passage really that bad?" and after seeing this footage, we're guessing the answer is a resounding yes. The water is so rough that the ship easily gets overtaken by waves that lap the top deck of the ship... and a woman laying on deck easily slides downward! 

We can also see how hard it is just to walk a short distance during this portion of the cruise, and the way the boat is rocking is making us nauseous even though we aren't even on it. 

For adventure seekers, this looks really cool. For those who are already hesitant about boarding a cruise ship, well... they're probably thinking the opposite. 

Don't let this intimidate you if your dream is to cruise to Antarctica though. Like we said, just pack plenty of Dramamine. And remember... this woman said this footage came from her sixth time crossing the Drake Passage by boat, so if she's willing to do it again and again, it must be worth making it to the destination.