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Robert Irwin's Tour of 'The Crocodile Hunter Lodge' Has Us Ready to Hop on a Plane

We want to book a stay here asap!

Nearly 20 years after The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's untimely death, his family is finding yet another way to honor him and keep his memory alive — and this time, it's by doing something that his fans (and animal lovers in general) can be a part of, too. 

Steve's son, Robert Irwin, is on TikTok these days, and recently, he showed off the family's latest project: The Crocodile Hunter Lodge at the Australia Zoo. Seriously, this place is impressive —  not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it also offers experiences unlike any other. You have to see this video tour! 

Both the interior and the exterior of the lodge are breathtaking, and it looks like this upscale lodge offers so many amazing features. The infinity pool, the fine dining, that wine cellar... it's hard to even know where to begin! 

But don't forget, you're still at a zoo, so there are plenty of wildlife exhibits all around, too — a major plus to the lodge, in our opinion. It looks like guests will be able to see kangaroos, koalas, snakes, and more while staying on the grounds. So cool! 

So far, fans' reactions are overwhelmingly positive, with many people leaving comments like, "Absolutely beautiful! Your dad would be so proud." 

Steve has left quite a legacy, and Robert and his sister, Bindi, are working hard to make sure it lives on. If anyone needs us, we'll be looking up flights to Australia... 

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