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Video of Man's Croatia 'Yacht Week' Mishap Is Cracking People Up

Look, no one should have to be ashamed of this, so let's just admit it- quite a few of us have waken up somewhere unfamiliar after a long night of partying too hard. In most of these situations, it's a house or an apartment. However, one guy in Croatia woke up on someone else's yacht.

It's Yacht Week in Croatia, with hundreds of boating enthusiasts coming together to enjoy the coastal scenery while partying hard... and as we know, partying that hard can lead to some awkward early morning awakenings. The official @theyachtweek TikTok shared this video of one attendee being dropped back off on his craft after a night on someone else's boat. Being on the water, there's no way he can do a Walk of Shame, and his host is kind enough not to make him do a Swim of Shame. So what does he do?

He gets the ship's skipper to drive their boats together! If only all post-party trips home went so smoothly. We have to commend the skipper for seamlessly moving the boats together so that even the tired- and likely hungover- passenger could safely disembark without losing his footing!

People got a kick out of this video. "The most luxurious walk of shame 😂," commented @sarah_l_k_. "This is like your mom picking you up after a ons haha" laughed @itsmelouisa_.

Some commenters were previous attendees of Yacht Week themselves with their own wild stories... and not all of them had the most graceful trips back home to their own yachts. "Hahaha my friend had to swim back to our boat with her belongings in a plastic bag whilst the boat she left sung ‘goodbye farewell’" recalled @kristachapman0. We guess not all hosts are as patient as the one in this video!

Based on everything we've seen and heard so far, we can only assume that Yacht Week is a wild time. If you ever go yourself, bring some Advil and some Pedialyte... you're gonna need them for the recovery!

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