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Video Detailing New York City's Creepy History Has People Intrigued

When you think of the "Big Apple" you may think of the Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, and MOMA, to name just a few. But we can bet that creepy haunting ghost stories definitely is not the first thing to comes to mind!  But considering New York City's size, age, and extremely dense population, it's considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the world. 

It appears the famous nickname "the city that never sleeps" applies to our dearly departed, too. New York City-based ghosts can be found everywhere, from the tops of the city's most beautiful buildings all the way to the depths of the soil that makes up its graveyards or even parks. TikTok user @creepyhistoryclass shares some spooky insights on the city that you might not know about. 

New York City has numerous bodegas, apartment buildings, parks, monuments, churches, and, of course, cemeteries that all have spooky stories to tell. People who watched the clip are here for it. TikTok user @tinastaber732 noted, "I love the history of New York!" Fans love a good horror movie. Another reviewer, @loverockyy_ added that she wants backstory about each one to please create a series. We agree! It sounds like a future Netflix series in the making. And one TikTok viewer, @janelli.p chimed in with, "This sounds like an intro to a horror TV show, and every place she names is like an episode about to happen".

Real or fake, it's up to you to decide! Like they say, anything can happen in NYC!