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Woman Catches Creepy Airplane Seat Mate Taking Photos of Her in Nightmare Video

Well? If this isn’t every female traveler’s worst nightmare, it’s certainly right up there with the worst possible scenarios. On a recent flight, TikTok creator @alibedrossian was just sitting in her seat minding her own business, when she got an unwelcome surprise.

She noticed the man seated next to her doing something with his iPhone, and lo and behold, he was actually snapping photos of her – with her sitting right there. And if the fact that this guy had the audacity to start taking pics without her permission isn’t bad enough, wait until you see exactly what he was taking the pics of. With over 5.7 million views, it’s really not surprising that this video is going viral.

Yep. That’s right. The creep factor was already there to begin with, but throw in the fact that he apparently has some sort of foot fetish? Yeah, let’s just hope that the flight was almost over and that plane landed asap. As weird and potentially horrifying as this is, it seems as though the creator took things in stride. In the comments, she said,” I posted this video because I thought it was funny lol some of y’all are dragging it.” She then added, “I do have shoes on and no, I don’t know the guy.”

Many people who watched the clip are pretty creeped out. One commenter noted, “That would totally ruin my flight, TBH.” It would ruin a lot of people’s flights, especially if there were no empty seats to get up and move to!

Other TikTok users think this woman deserves some sort of compensation for her troubles. @Lauren Johnson said, “I would’ve been like, ‘And that will be $50.’” HA! Seriously. And @word echoed that sentiment, saying, “I would have said, ‘Pay me and I won’t tell.’”

We’re happy to hear that she doesn’t seem scarred for life after this in-flight ordeal. But this video should certainly serve as a word of warning to other female travelers to be aware of what’s happening around them. You never know when your choice (or lack) of footwear might become an unexpected keepsake on film.