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'VRBO' Shares Unexpected Travel Trend Coming in 2023

Has it seemed like lately, at least on social media, there's been an uptick of people vacationing in rural areas out west? While cruises, beach vacations, and the like are still as popular as ever, many are choosing instead to vacation in rural Colorado or sleep under the stars in Montana. As it turns out, this might be part of a bigger trend!

Vacation rental companies try to stay on top of travel trends. The official @vrbo TikTok account shared their prediction for 2023's hip travel trend- cowboy-cations!

Cowboy-cations, huh? It would definitely be a switch-up from the glitzy tropical and European vacations typically touted on social media! Cowboys and the old West have always been romanticized in media, but not too many travel out west to experience a week on a ranch. However, that seems to be changing as many people are starting to opt for rustic Western getaways.

But what could explain this surprising and unexpected trend? A few TikTok users had a guess. "...Yellowstone to blame lol," said @therealjackal, pointing fingers at the popularity of the hit TV show. User @kimfields6684 seemed to agree: "Ty Yellowstone." Paramount's Yellowstone has been a smash hit, garnering millions of view per epsiode premiere, so it's no surprise that its portrayal of the ranch lifestyle might have an influence over its wide audience!

While this trend is growing in popularity, some who actually live in these areas are worried about their hometows becoming overcrowded with tourists. "We can do this without overcrowding. PLEASE. Be conscious of your locals, people," begged @panthertech. Sounds like sage advice to keep in mind when traveling anywhere in the world, not just out West. Vacations trends can have strong effects- both good and bad- on the economy of trending areas. So please, feel free to get out there and enjoy a cowboy-cation! Just be mindful of the area you're visiting.

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