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Cow-Themed Airbnb in Scottish Highlands Is Beyond Adorable

Animal lovers from all over the world are abolsutely obsessed with the iconic Scottish Highland Cow. These aren't the black-and-white splotched bovines you're probably thinking of- Highland Cow have distinctive fluffy, shaggy brown fur, and are beloved for their adorable appearnace. It's no wonder why so many visitors to Scotland hope to get a chance to meet a Highland "Coo."

If you're one of those people who can't get enough of Highland Cows, this Airbnb is for you. Scottish TikTok influencer @eddiefadewalker and his partner stayed in an adorable, entirely Highland Cow-themed, pod!

HOLY COW (pun entirely intended)! This is too cute by far. If you're visiting Scotland in the hopes of seeing a Highland Cow (or, like Eddie, live there and love the cows), this pod is the ultimate getaway spot. We love how adorable the decorations are and how consistent the theming is. Props to Eddie's partner, too- they knocked it out of the park finding this place.

The town they're in is pretty great too. With its proximity to both the mountains and the beach, Fort WIlliam is a beautiful spot to stay in the Scottish Highlands. We're sure there's plenty of nearby farms too... great places for cow encounters, perhaps- with the farmer's consent, of course.

One viewer had a very crucial question for Eddie, though: "What determines whether you say cow or coo? You use both in the video," wondered @lanethdnd. "If you’re speaking English, you use cow, but if you’re speaking Scots, you use coo," Eddie explained. Very important information, good to know.

"Ahhh so cute! I’ll definitely have to stay there next time I’m in Fort William. Can’t get enough of Highland coos," exclaimed @rambling.thru.time. "Coziness confirmed!!" admired @rachelkelpyinkpot. "This is adorable!!! I want to live in it!!" said @thefunonejen.

If your travels take you to Fort William, Scotland, be sure to book a stay in the Cow Hill Pod. If nothing else, we guarantee that it'll be cow-zy! Or coo-zy, if you prefer the Scots.

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