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Airbnb in Oklahoma Lets Guests Get Up Close and Personal with Cows

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Need a break from city life? How does a cozy and peaceful Airbnb cabin nestled around beautiful scenery, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and quaint and charming accommodations with all the comforts of home sound? Here, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy country living at its finest. Oh, and your stay includes cows as your neighbors at no extra charge!

We love this video clip from TikTok creator @jesselagerwaard. We're so glad to learn about this unique and quirky destination. Instead of counting sheep at night when going to sleep, it will be cows. How up close and personal will you get with Elsie the cow?

The Cow Cottage in Indiahoma, Oklahoma is one of many Airbnb accommodations that offers an up close and personal experience with cows and other farm animals. This kind of experience will be something out of most people's 'comfort zone' and will certainly help to 'pause and reset' your mind, body, and soul.

TikTok viewers want to book this Airbnb immediately. User @shandy_lynne writes, "OMG THAT IS SO COOL!" We agree and want to pet and feed them, too! Fan @vanlaecketaren says, "I need to go here asap!" Us too, how cool would it be to have your morning coffee with all the cows while enjoying the majestic sunrise? Commenter @jodiann439 added, "Oh my gosh, I would be in heaven!!" It definitely looks awesome, and we're adding this to our 'must-do' list next time we visit Oklahoma.

If you need more reasons to visit the Cow Cottage, you can always say you've landed a role in the famous movie sequel, City Slickers Part III. Yee haw, see you all on the farm.

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