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Couple's Unconventional Way of Saving Money on Road Trips Has People Talking

Saving as much money as you can while traveling can mean all the difference for many people. Some are even willing to skip the cheap motels on road trips and use a pretty savvy alternative method.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @youmeusadventures, one very resourceful couple shares how they save money while traveling by car, and their set-up is something most people have probably never seen before, let alone even considered. While it might not be for everyone, they've certainly figured out how to see the country without shelling out big bucks! 

Whoa! This couple sure knows how to stretch each and every dollar while traveling! They turn their car into a hotel room and sleep at rest areas every night. People are split on this idea and whether it's ingenious or down right impossible. Like user @georgia_girl77 who said, "Me and my 14 bathroom trips could never," LOL! Another comment had us cracking up while trying to imagine the couple sharing a twin sized bed. User @samilicious220 said "One fart from my husband, and I’m sleeping on the roof." Seriously, while they do look cozy, some nights might be a little too close for comfort, right? 

However, if you're thinking about trying this money saving hack, be sure to look up the number of hours you can park a car a rest stops in various state. Some states won't even allow overnight vehicles. The couple in the video, thankfully, was parked in Kansas, which has a 24-hour parked car limit. 

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