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Couple's Random Trip to Haunted 'Hell House' Is Fascinating

This is not for the faint of heart.

Halloween might be a few weeks behind us, but a love of all things spooky is acceptable to have year round. That goes for having a fascination with places that are supposedly haunted... how else are you ever supposed to see a ghost for yourself? And for some people, the curiosity about haunted locations and spooky sites that are local to the areas we live in is just too much to ignore — we get it! 

One couple on TikTok decided to visit a "hell house" they saw on TV, and now, they're sharing their experience @mermaidfetus. While watching Hell House LLC, they realized that the movie was filmed near the area where their family lives, so the couple made a plan to check it out the next time they were in town visiting.

If you're not familiar with the movie (and it's super scary sequels), Hell House LLC is a horror movie that's told documentary-style to look like found footage in the wake of the deaths of people who were attempting to open a haunted house together. The house that was used in the movie still stands today in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, and is now known as the Waldorf Estate of Fear. And as this couple discovered during their journey, the house hosts scary events similar to what was shown in the plot of the movie.  

And while their visit wasn't necessarily scary, it is something horror fans will appreciate. This footage of the house is so cool, and it's awesome that Angie Moyer, the woman who worked in set design on the movie and now helps put on the house's haunted events, was willing to chat with them about it. 

The house was set up just like it was in the movies, which was a fun surprise for them, and it definitely looks like something that fans of the movie (or horror fans in general) should check out if they're ever in the area. 

This is something awesome to add to the list for next Halloween!