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Couple's Unique Way of Getting Free Accommodations While Traveling the World Is Incredible

Many people wish that they could travel around the world, but a major factor stands in the way for most of them: money. Even if you can shell out the cash for a good plane ticket, it's easy to burn through thousands of dollars fast for accommodations, even while staying in budget hotels or hostels.

However, what if there was a way you could score free accommodations while traveling the world? In this video, Jori and Austin, aka @nomadsandpawpads on TikTok, tell us how they do it!

This sounds like the gig of a lifetime. Getting to visit the most famous cities in the world while staying in some of the nicest homes in the city- and the only price is you have to take care of some cute, cuddly cats? This is literally a dream come true.

Wish you could try this for yourself? The video's creators share their resources: "If you wondering how we find our a pet sit our pinned video has 7 different sites we know of that you can use to find sits too!🐾" We linked the video here, but we'll also directly link the sites they name: TrustedHousesitters, Nomador,, Mindmyhouse, Housecarers, Housesitters, and Aussie/KiwiHousesitters. These sites charge subscriptions and have codes of conduct, but it's worth it as it filters out those who are less serious to ensure that both hosts and sitters are dedicated and high-quality.

"I would be paranoid that the owners of the house have cameras in the house and record you. Maybe just me," said @flowithflow. "We’d be more worried abt that at an Airbnb of someone we have never met than a pet owner we have built a friendship with personally," responded @nomadsandpawpads. Hosts and sitters vet each other with video calls prior to ensure they're the right fit- plus, it's so much cheaper than Airbnb!

With international house/pet sitting, the world can affordably be within your reach. Where would you go?