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Couple Showcases 'Day at Sea' on a North Pole Cruise and Now We Want to Go

We'd heard of Alaskan cruises before, but until today, we didn't know that there are also cruise lines that go all the way up to the North Pole! Where has this been all our lives?

The TikTok account @karaandnate is shared by a traveling couple who spend their days exploring different destinations all over the globe. It makes sense, then, that they'd be willing to take the cruise less traveled with a trip up to the North Pole. It's much more glamorous than it initially sounds, though, as this video shows: there's incredible gourmet food, gorgeous accommodations, and even a viewing deck where you can go peeping for polar bears!

This is definitely a chic trip. It seems to have all the comforts of any high-end cruise... alright, well, we suppose there aren't any pools on the deck, but there's pretty obviously a good reason for that! Plus that spa- complete with snow room- more than makes up for it! Also, can we just have all of that food, please? Delish!

"That looks so cool but the ice chunks would’ve gave me anxiety," admitted @sprout.angel. We must agree that the shots of the ship plowing through the ice were a bit nerve wracking... it looks like something out of The Terror. We're sure modern ships have better contingency plans against frozen routes, though!

The bleakness of the ice aside, this cruise looks like a total dream both inside and out. And of course, with their destination, inquiring minds had to know: "Did you guys find Santa?" asked @kyleyonk. No word on the Santa situation yet... guess we'll have to stay tuned!