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Couple Finds 'Live Stream' of Their Airbnb Bathroom That's Beyond Disturbing

While Airbnbs are a popular alternative to hotels in many places all over the world, some are sketchier than they seem. Not all Airbnb hosts are on the up-and-up, and every once in a while you'll hear stories about guests finding hidden cameras in their rentals. This Airbnb horror story in particular is especially skeevy! 

TikTok influencer @thebrandonrobert and his girlfriend had been staying in an Airbnb for two weeks when they caught something weird while channel-flipping. It was a livestream of a toilet- which they soon discovered was their own! 

Uhhh... what? This is so nasty. Now admittedly, we tend to take really shocking stories like this with a grain of salt, and at first we couldn't believe it- it was almost too shocking to be true.

 However, as comforting as it would be to assume this was just a hoax, there are plenty of credible stories of Airbnb hidden cameras and even livestreams just like this one. Some people really are depraved enough to spy on unsuspecting guests at their most vulnerable. If what they're claiming is true, that means this couple had a running livestream of them every time they were in the bathroom for two weeks straight- what a nightmare!

Immediately viewers chimed in with advice and warnings. "AirBnB have rules and laws stating cameras can’t be in private places such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Regardless of this being privately owned," informed @tinktokkity. "Bro don’t go to the store, call the cops. That’s a crime!!!" @alexisolson90 exclaimed. 

"Surprised people still use Airbnbs honestly, I understand they can be great but it's sketchy, I've seen too many horror stories like this," @thespency responded- and they aren't alone in this sentiment. Surveys have shown that over 50% of Airbnb guests worry about hidden cameras. 

Nothing dispels fear like knowledge, though, and luckily major publications like USA Today have shared advice to help nervous guests check for hidden cameras in their Airbnbs. Luckily, hidden camera incidents are rare, but when they do occur, they're terrifying and disturbing for those involved. If you feel like something's off about your Airbnb, it never hurts to check!

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