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Video of Couple Having 'Lemonade' in Portugal Truly Has People Talking

One thing you need to be wary of when ordering food or drink abroad is that different cultures have very different interpretations of dishes and drinks of the same name. Take lemonade, for example. In America, lemonade is widely understood to be a watered-down lemon juice drink that's sweetened. It's tart, but not too sour. In Portugal, however...

...well, that brings us to the unexpected cultural lesson found in today's video. TikTok user @xoshannonrose and her boyfriend documented their travels through Europe on TikTok. At a restaurant in Portugal, they ordered lemonade, thinking that they'd get a sweet/tart beverage similar to the American kind. What they got was a bit more intense than they'd bargained for!

It would seem that the Portuguese interpretation of lemonade is... straight-up lemon juice, no sweetener. Talk about tart! The expressions on the couple's faces say it all.

That's not all though- this brief video triggered an all-out WAR in the comments section, all over the definition of lemonade! First off, people were defending the Portuguese lemonade. "Yeah, that's what lemonade is, not water with a bit of lemon juice" said @kanas5000. "Lemonade with Real Lemons! 😁 Enjoy and welcome to Portugal 🇵🇹 😁" commented @rpsouto.

Then, you had the opposite side, who were shocked by all this. "Why is everyone acting like this is "actual" lemonade? No, this is lemon juice. Lemonade has water and sugar too." insisted @it_was_my_cat. "Bro I dunno where people live, but in Romania, lemonade is lemon, water and sugar/honey. it's tangy but sweet, not straight up lemon juice and that's it," said @hikariakasha.

And then, you had a third group out of left field that got... something else entirely when asking for lemonade. "It was the other way around for me! I moved to the UK and when i asked for a lemonade I was surprised with a sparkling sprite with lemon like drink 😂" recounted @itsnana97. WTF? That's Sprite, not lemonade! ...Oh no. We're getting drawn into it, too!

With thousands of comments full of differing opinions, it looks like there's no end in sight for the Lemonade Wars. But hey- what if you order lemonade while traveling, and are given straight lemon juice? "PLS ASK FOR SUGAR 😭😭" begs @masepilled. LOL, nice save!

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