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Viral Video Detailing Couple's Horrific Mexico Honeymoon Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Ideally, your honeymoon should be romantic, relaxing, sexy, idyllic... basically, it should be the ultimate dream vacation. But bad luck can strike at anytime, and everyone should remember Murphy's Law- anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

One unfortunate couple got hit with Murphy's Law big time on their honeymoon to Mexico. What they hoped would be a relaxing beach getaway turned into a massive anxiety-inducing nightmare. TikTok user @abbymurrie documented her and her new husband's misadventures on their honeymoon-gone-wrong in this video.

Oh my God, the poor couple... and poor Jake, especially! It seemed like almost all the bad luck fell on him, from the cactus to the food poisoning to the allergies to the airline flubbing his ticket! Is the poor guy cursed? We're happy to see they at least got to have a honeymoon do-over in Orlando- after that ordeal, they deserved it!

This video went viral, garnering well over 2 million views. Thousands of people flooded the comments to share their takes on the unfortunate couple's honeymoon disaster. Sadly, just like the honeymoon itself, most of the jokes were at Jake's expense.

"You said "in sickness and in health" and Jake said "bet."" joked user @thatakfarmgirl. "Jake is literally Mayhem from the Allstate commercials 😂" riffed user @aint_flexin_just_texan. User @rexin_around even said "How has Jake been able to exist this long!?" Leave poor Jake alone! He can't help being a bad luck magnet.

Some more cynical commenters implied that this was a sign from the universe that their marriage was bound for trouble, with one person even saying "The universe is trying to tell you to drop Jake." However, we think that this is actually a good sign for them! If the two of them can weather that nightmare of a honeymoon and come through it laughing together at the end, then they can take on anything life throws at them! As @candy233533 said, "Well y’all know what this means. It means y’all are going to have an amazing marriage."

We hope that their second honeymoon in Orlando went much more smoothly, and that their marriage continues to be a strong and rewarding one! Though we might suggest that Jake get a good insurance policy... and maybe some kind of ritual that helps break curses, too.

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