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Couple Taking a Trip to Europe Together Even Though They Broke Up Makes Us LOL

When we are in a relationship, there is always that point where a couple's trip comes up as a possibility. Let's face it, who doesn't want a bae-cation?! These trips can bring couples so much closer together, but they also come with the risk of you and your partner breaking up before the vacation has even started. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @smileyfaces233, this woman shows her and her partner going through this exact situation, except they decided to go on the trip despite being broken up! They had non-refundable tickets to Europe, so it would be such a waste to not go. Still, their faces say it all, and it's just so awkward! Wait until you get a load of these two.

LOL, you can just feel the uncomfortableness. People who watched the clip are finding this just as funny as we are. TikTok user @gwennethmattia said, "I’m crying, this is so funny." Well, we guess when you have non-refundable ticket, there's no other choice but to take the trip, or eat the entire cost. One commenter is recalling their experience with this situation as well. User @odyss2016 said, "Went to Europe with old girlfriend, and her fiancé dropped her off at the airport. He said have a good time. So I did." HA! Too funny.

Despite the awkward factor, the creator's ex seemed quite excited for the plane ride. Viewers noticed this as well. As TikTok user @colbohoff72 asked, "What was he so excited about?" The creator chimed in with an answer, which is just the best: "The plane had video games." LOL. That would explain it! Let's take a piece of advice from this couple's journey. If you have to go on a trip with you ex, make sure the plane has a good assortment of entertainment.