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Couple's Epic Fail at Mexico Resort Could've Happened to Anyone

Everybody makes mistakes- we're all human; nobody gets it right 100% of the time. However, when traveling abroad, it might be a good idea to read up on local cultural costumes and traditions before you go. That knowledge might save you from making a major faux pas- which, unfortunately, is exactly what happened here!

When TikTok user @gabhea and her partner were in Cancun, they spotted what looked like a miniature buffet. It wasn't until they had eaten the bread off of it that they had commited a major no-no!

To those not in the know, she's referring to an "ofrenda" which is a kind of special altar set up during the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos. Gifts and offerings are placed on the ofrenda in rememberance of dead relatives and loved ones. The food on that altar was meant to commemorate the dead... aaaaaaaand she and her boyfriend just ate the offering.

Look, it happens- sometimes we get a little drunk on vacation, there's food everywhere at all-inclusive resorts- point is, we can see how this can happen. But this goes to show just how import it is to stock up on your cultural knowledge before traveling to a foreign country! Their mistake shows how easy it is to cross a cultural boundary if you're not armed with knowledge!

Viewers were cracking up over this in the comments. "The way I just fkn gasped so loudly," said @heeeyamandaaa. "JAIL LOL," laughed @natali21190. "You've never seen Coco????" wondered @elisecampbell86- the Disney movie did a fairly decent job covering the Mexican traditions of DIa de Los Muertos. Perhaps they should have chosen it as their in-flight movie?

As we said at the top, mistakes happen, and you shouldn't beat yourself up over an honest mistake. Just let it be a learning experience. Going forward, however, if you travel to Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, remember- the living aren't the only ones who enjoy a good buffet! Hands off the ofrenda- try an omelet station instead.

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