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Couple's Hilarious Cruise Ship Cabin Fail Could've Happened to Anyone

Cruise ships can be crowded and crazy, but if you need a private moment to yourself, you can count on the security and solitude of your cabin. If your cabin's window overlooks the deck though, you may want to pull the curtains, or you won't have nearly as much privacy as you thought.

One couple recently found this out the hard way. TikTok user @mrsvaillancourt shows us this video she took on a cruise with her husband. Their window looks out over the deck, but hey, it's mirror-tinted, so nobody can see inside, right... right?

Oh... wrong.

We can't really blame them for this mix-up though. Throughout most of the video, it does look as if their windows aren't see-through from the outside. Unfortunately for this couple, that turned out not to be the case. Awkward!

"Yeah tint only gonna work in day, at night with lights on you can see through," explained user @sportfishcruiser20. Never too late to learn a lesson, we guess.

At least commenters got a laugh out of the situation. "Lol…. Oh man I hope you had it closed at night doing your yoga routine…. Or someone got some free lessons." joked user @darwinpstilesjr. "Imagine you walk out to a group of dudes in a single file line with cameras out hahah," said user @i10usa. OMG... now THAT would be a nightmare!'

In a twist, one of the commenters recognized them from the cruise! "Omg I saw you guys on the cruise!!! You were soooo beautiful everytime I saw you," replied @anaikoneub. Uh...WHERE exactly on the cruise did you see them? Others wanted to know, too: "Given the context of the video you're gonna need to be more specific about when you saw them 😂" said @rootintootin90. The user has not yet clarified, so we can only hope that it was in public...ACTUALLY in public.

At least we learned a valuable lesson today: if you're in a room with a similar window situation on a cruise, don't depend too heavily on your window's tint- the curtains are there for a reason!

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