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Couple's Fun Way of Choosing a Vacation Destination Is Totally Worth Copying

What a cool idea this is!

Deciding where to go on vacation can be a little stressful when traveling with someone else. Sure, we all have our own travel bucket lists, but they don't always match our partner's — and of course, we have to take things like budget and distance into account, too.

If this sounds familiar to you, this video on TikTok might help. As @evamachadorn shared in a video, she and her husband came up with a way to combat this issue — and it sounds like it's something that anyone could implement before taking their next trip, no matter who they might be traveling with.

The method is pretty simple: They each write down three places they'd like to visit (one within driving distance, one that's international, and one that's somewhere in the United States or Canada). Then, they mix them all up, pick the destinations out one by one, and the last one to be picked is where their trip will be. Sounds like a fair way to solve the debate to us! 

The video showed an example of them using this method to figure out their first trip, and it actually looked like a lot of fun. In the end, they decided to go to Spain. They were both really excited about it, which meant everyone was happy and the decision was made. Easy! 

We've gotta try this out next time we're stumped on where to go. It looks like so much fun.