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Couple's Attempt to Canoe the Entire Columbia River Has People Totally Invested

With the conveniences of modern travel such as airplanes, cars, and motorboats, parts of the world that used to be incredibly difficult to traverse can now easily be visited, and major rivers are no exception. However, for those that would still brave a long-distance river trip using manpower alone, the challenge is still out there. Luckily, one intrepid couple Renee and Tim (aka @thruhikers on TikTok) are up for such a challenge.

Their goal? To traverse all 1200 miles of the Columbia River from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean... by canoe. The couple has previously hiked all 2,700 miles of the PNW Circuit, but as this video explains, their canoeing trip has thrown some unique challenges at them!

It's interesting how the challenges and risks that face them are both ones from the natural world (storms, wildlife) and man-made ones (dams, commercial boats, industrial operations). Through remote wilderness and major cities like Portland and Vancouver, they'll face those challenges and paddle through two different countries to reach their destination. And it's looking good so far, too- right now they're 70% of the way there! They're in the downhill stretch- keep going! 

It's a daring adventure, one that very few have attempted, and the comment sections was full of excited viewers that have been following their progress. "Omg my grandparents live on the Columbia I’m gonna camp out to wave to y’all 😂," @kenziecalvert_1 said. "Can't wait to see y'all come through the Tri-Cities.... I would love to buy you a beer," offered @butterfly_hikes. "Y’all do more in a day than I do in 7 years. Keep it up!" @musicbefore praised.

However, some of the most grueling parts of the challenge may be yet to come. "Columbia River through the Gorge in Oregon in a canoe!?!?! Hats off to you. That wind. 😳" worried @jtonsager. They may be nearing the home stretch, but it's not over yet, and they may have to face some stark conditions up ahead. However, they've already weathered a lot and are experienced adventurers, and we are confident that they'll be able to see their journey through to the end! We'll be watching with a close eye- keep us posted, Tim and Renee!