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Couple Turns Canceled Flight Mishap Into a Fun and Movie-Like Adventure

Their plane actually had a small fire on board.

Flight delays and cancellations are always a huge bummer, but unfortunately, for the most part, they're also just a reality of flying. Not every flight is going to go off without a hitch, of course. And sometimes, you might even find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar city for a couple of days before you can continue on to your final destination.

In many situations, this can be really stressful... but what if you decided to make the best of It? That's what this couple did when their flight made an emergency landing in Chicago, and as @chereneo shared, she and her partner decided to turn it into an adventure worthy of any romantic comedy. 

During the beginning of their flight to Europe, a laptop caught fire in the air, and while the situation was quickly handled and everyone was fine, it did mean that the plane had to make an unexpected landing in Chicago for two flight attendants to be treated for smoke inhalation. Once they arrived there, the plane was deemed unsafe to continue flying, which left this couple in the city for a couple of days before they could continue on to Europe.

But instead of being bummed out, they decided to have fun. 

"We decided it was time to embrace Chicago at Christmas like we were in a Sandra Bullock romcom," she said, set to a soundtrack of Natalie Cole's "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)." 

They went on to do just about every touristy, Christmas-y thing they could think of, kissing in front of giant lit up trees and grabbing cocktails and going shopping. These two are so cute! 

It looks like they had a blast, and there's no doubt this detour will be a happy memory they look back on forever. Way to make the best out of what could have been a bad situation!