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Couple Shares 'Crazy Things' That Happened to Them on the Appalachian Trail and We Want to Hear More

The couple that hikes together, stays together. After all, any trip through the wilderness is safer when you've got a travel companion along with you! Besides, sharing adventures with your partner lets you gather amazing experiences and incredible moments that will last a lifetime.

The couple behind the TikTok account @oregon_oops didn't just go on any old hike, though- they walked the entire Appalachian Trail together over six months! After hiking 2,200 miles, you'd expect them to come back with some stories, and in this video, they shared just a few of the crazy things that happened to them on their excursion.

All of this is spectacular stuff. Not everyone can lose tons of weight while winning multiple ice cream eating contests, but when you're burning literally thousands of calories a day hiking the Appalachian Trail, chow down! We were also blown away by the generosity of the family they encountered on their first day. That kind of generosity you just don't encounter every day. What a touching treat for the couple!

Naturally, commenters were clamoring for more, and soon, @oregon_oops relented, uploading a Part 2!

This video goes deeper into the tougher stuff they dealt with, such as subsisting off of berries for a day and hiking through blizzards. However, after a false start, the intrepid couple toughed it out till the end and were even part of a wedding! Incredible!

"So cool! This is on my bucket list," chimed in @ms.lee420. "My dad hiked the trail twice in the 70s northbound both times. Now he’s taking my husband out for a week. Glad you guys enjoyed it!" shared @imnotevenobsessed. "2k plus miles 😳🙌🏽👊🏽💪🏽👏🏽," admired @iggywanders. Honestly, the sheer distance they hiked alone is staggering. Bravo!

What an incredible story full of surprises. We hope this couple dares another big hiking adventure someday- we'll want to hear the stories from that one too!

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