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Couple's Confession About the Reality of Air Travel Makes Us LOL

This is so true!

Traveling and going on vacation is usually the thing we look forward to when we're overwhelmed with stress in our daily lives... but let's not act like those things can't also be the source of our stress, too. Planning and budgeting for a trip can be a bit of a drag sometimes, but that's nothing compared to making it to the airport and actually getting on the plane. And if you have kids along for the adventure, that's an extra stressor to add to the list.

Of course, once we reach our destination, that necessary stress is always worth it... but it doesn't mean we don't feel like we haven't been through it by the time that plane lands. And this video from @alekach on TikTok really captures that feeling perfectly.

In the video — hilariously set to "Just the Two of Us" — we can see a husband and wife sitting on their plane with a baby between them, silently enjoying their drinks and staring straight ahead. 

"Us casually sipping mimosas pretending like we didn't just scream at each other the entire way through the airport," says the video, along with another sarcastic remark in the caption: "Family fun here we come." 

We just have to laugh, but only because we've been there before... and we're willing to bet so has just about every couple who has ever traveled together, whether they have kids or not. Plenty of commenters on this video certainly seemed to relate! 

"The mimosa are the prize for getting on the plane with kids. I have five kids and airports are fun..." one fellow parent wrote. 

The stress is part of the journey sometimes, but the vacation waiting will be worth it! And if nothing else, take comfort from this video (and these comments) that if this situation sounds familiar, you're not alone.