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Costa Rica Hotel Room That Sits in Refurbished 727 Airplane Is Beyond Cool

We love finding out about cool and unique hotels from all over the world. It's especially cool when we find ones where the design of the hotel itself is unique. If you're interested in airplanes or aviation,  we think you'll get a kick out of this hotel. 

The Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica offers a hotel experience like no other. Who needs some boring old hotel room- at the Hotel Costa Verde, you can book a luxurious stay in a refurbished Boeing 727! To say that we were amazed is an understatement. The TikTok account @tastemadetravel takes us on a virtual tour through this unique property.

This is a real treat. From the outside, we didn't know what to expect. Once they opened the door, though, we were treated to tasteful and cozy yet spacious interiors, filled with everything a tired traveler needs. We got a real kick out of the cockpit in the forward bathroom... what a way to take in the view! It's no surprise this is the hotel's most popular room.

Unsurprisingly, viewers fell in love with this unique suite. "Heck yeah perfect place in case of a zombie apocalypse 😂 I would’ve kept them original plane doors," responded @robertau0, with quite the imagination! "Wow! All that woodwork is gorgeous. This is so cool and unique," applauded @miloshiandme.

We love finding ingenious places like this. It's such a unique way to renovate and reuse old aircraft, and it's a real treat for the guests as well! We can safely say this hotel has made it onto our bucket lists.

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