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Financial Coach Breaks Down the Cost of a 'White Lotus' Vacation

HBO's smash hit The White Lotus (whose second season wrapped last month) is a scathing satirical look into the fraught lives of the rich and famous behind the trappings of their wealth. White Lotus resorts are portrayed as ridiculously opulent- but just how costly would a stay at one really be?

The White Lotus may not be a real resort chain, but the real-life resorts used as their filming locations are. Financial coach @femme_financial used this information to break down the costs of a real White Lotus vacation.

Surprise, surprise- an average estimated stay at a White Lotus resort would be far beyond what the average person could ever hope to afford (short of winning the lottery). Even the most conservative estimates put a White Lotus vacation at over $76k- that's far more than the average American makes in an entire year! 

But is anybody really surprised that the prices are what they are? The White Lotus is a show specifically about the obscenely wealthy and, much like its fellow HBO hit Succession, dives into the backstabbing, scandal, and darkness behind their opulent airbrushed exteriors. Just because these guests have the best money can buy doesn't mean that they're happy, or even satisfied! 

 This information put a lot of characters' reactions into perspective for the show's fans! "All of a sudden his reaction to not getting the Pineapple Suite is valid,' realized @ilovespring0nions. User @guava_black agreed: "You know what, I change my mind. That rich guy was right to harass Armond about the suite. It was over $200k!"

"And the daughter's friend was complaining the whole time. Like I get it but girl if someone paid for a vacay like that for me I would be mute," laughed @ka_deeee. "For that much money, dinner should be included," @acklin_15 declared. LOL!

So the takeaway is, unless you're as wealthy as most of the guests at The White Lotus are, a real-life White Lotus-themed vacation probably isn't in the cards for you. From what we can see on the show, though, they don't seem like they're all that great anyway! If nothing else, it sure ain't worth the drama- it's only fun when you're watching it from the comfort of your living room! 

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