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Couple Shares 'Common Misconception' About Cruising a Lot of People Have

This puts it all into perspective.

When it comes to cruise vacations, it seems like people are either obsessed with them or refuse to board a ship — there is no in between. While we totally get that a vacation at sea is definitely not for everybody (especially those who tend to get miserably motion sick), sometimes it does feel like just some of those haters are just misinformed. Cruises are so much more than just hanging out on a boat with a bunch of strangers! 

If that happens to be your opinion, travelers and cruise fans @themaxwellstravel are here to help change your mind. They responded to someone who referred to a cruise as a "degraded" vacation experience, but this video explains why that's not true.

It seems like the person who isn't into cruising doesn't like the small state rooms, the food options, or the fact that so many people are "crammed on a boat," but as it turns out, they might just have it wrong — at least, in the eyes of these frequent cruisers.

He pointed out that even though the rooms are small, it's not like you're spending a lot of time there, and that those who don't enjoy the food might be sticking to the buffet and not experiencing the better dining and beverage experiences that the ship has to offer. 

And as far as the large quantities of people go? He pointed out that most cruise ships hold more like 2,000 guests, not 5,000, and oftentimes cruises aren't booked to capacity anyway.

Fellow cruise fans agreed in the comments. One wrote, "We love to cruise!! It’s like being spoiled and everything you need is on the ship." 

Like we said, cruises aren't for everyone. But if you've never been on one before, it's definitely worth trying out. It's a vacation unlike any other!