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Comedian's Scary Experience at Hotel in Dallas Serves As a Reminder

You really can't be too careful when staying in hotels.

Traveling is a lot of fun, but in some situations, we're having so much fun that we forget to stay vigilant, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel. It's easy to settle in and feel a bit too comfortable — after all, vacation is about relaxing. But no matter how safe we might feel there, anything can happen. 

And unfortunately, it's particularly important to keep an eye out for dangerous situations when you're a woman. This TikTok video where comedian @heathermcdonald shared something that happened to her in Dallas recently is an important reminder of that. 

As McDonald explained in the video, she was in the area to perform some shows, and was staying in a Westin near the airport — some pretty nice digs. After she was settled in her room, someone knocked on the door, and it was a man she didn't know, insisting that housekeeping sent him there. She didn't call for anything, so she didn't let him in, but he persisted. 

"I immediately called downstairs to tell them my concerns, what room I was in, what I saw," she said, adding that she did tell them that she wanted to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Fortunately, she's safe, and so is her assistant, but she did end her story with an important message that travelers should take to heart. 

"Better safe than sorry, especially when you're a woman traveling alone," she said. "Don't open the door for anyone and look through the peephole, and you can also ask them to leave it at the door if you want more towels or something." 

This is good advice. Stay safe out there!