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Comedian's Joke About How Moms Act While Going to the Airport Is Spot-On

People are cracking up over this.

There are a lot of jokes about going into "dad mode" while traveling, but anyone who's ever been on a family vacation knows that "mom mode" is also very real. Airports can be stressful for anyone, let alone a mom who's already doing her best to keep her family together — can we blame her for being a bit overwhelmed while trying to make sure everyone makes it on the plane in one piece?!

If you've had a mom like that (or if you are a mom like that), this video from @actressbecc on TikTok is definitely for you. This comedian parodied the way moms act at the airport (in this case, a mom from Long Island in particular), and we have to admit that this is accurate. 

Why can we see so much of ourselves in this portrayal?!

Not only was this mom sure to get her family to the airport hours early, but she forgot all kinds of things, she's stressing about long lines at security, and a lot of freaking out about missing the flight... even though they got to the airport five hours before takeoff.

"You gotta go to the bathroom? Make it quick, we're boarding in two hours. You better hurry up. They're not gonna wait for you," she says at one point.

And then, seeing her take the airport selfie — yeah, this is too good.

Next time we catch ourselves or our own moms acting like this at the airport, we're definitely going to think of this video and laugh. Mom's just trying her best!