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Friends Have A 'Color-Themed Girls' Weekend' at The Lake and We're Here For It!

The best parties are ones that have a fun and creative theme. Anyone can book a place for a weekend and bring a lot of booze for everyone, but it takes a truly creative mind to throw a party that's truly unique and memorable. Well, one group of friends stretched their creative muscles to throw a colorful event that they'll never forget!

TikTok user @katcollins412 recently had a "girl's weekend" at a lake with a bunch of her friends. This was no ordinary girl's weekend, though… each lady came dressed as a different color of the rainbow, each carrying a basket of goodies with the same color scheme as their outfit. Watching each lady dance through the door, you can tell that they're gearing up for a great time!

We are in love with this adorable idea. It's so simple and cheap, yet so creative and fun! All it takes is a little creative thinking and a willing group a friends to make a good getaway a great one. Plus, they're carrying in enough snacks to feed a small army, so no need to disrupt their lake weekend to make a grocery run!

This cute party idea made a lot of fans in the comments! "OMG!! I love 💕 this so super much 💜💜💜💜 Totally wish I had this in my life!!! 🥰" said user @rutitanium. "How do I become part of this friend group 😁😂" asked user @subtechwifeforlife. Seriously, though, because these ladies know how to party!

But wait… there's something missing from this party. "Someone wasn't red-y? 😂" asked @theoldhen. Hey, yeah… red didn't make it to the rainbow round-up! The creator didn't offer any explanation for the missing red, but even with one major color mission, these ladies still pulled together a marvelously vibrant weekend!

This has given us so many ideas for our next weekend getaway. We hope it's inspired you to get creative with your next party, too!