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Video Showing Freeway in California That Collapsed From Flood Waters Is Pretty Unbelievable

We sure hope no one was on the road when this happened.

Natural disasters can have seriously devastating (and scary) consequences, and that includes floods. When heavy rain strikes, people have lost their belongings, homes, and sometimes, in the worst of circumstances, their lives, and recently, flood waters have also washed out a major highway. 

On TikTok, @cbsnews shared what looks like helicopter footage over the 10 freeway at the border between Arizona and California. A flood caused the road to absolutely collapse, and not only would this have had a huge impact on traffic, but it also could have been so dangerous for anyone who had been traveling on that road at the time.

In the video, we can see the road crumbling away, making it totally impassable in the process. We can only imagine the kind of work it takes to try to repair road damage of this level! 

According to local news affiliate ABC7, the flood was caused by "pounding rain and flash floods" in the area, and though it did shut down the freeway last Thursday, on Monday, it was set to reopen thanks to hard working crews. Considering the fact that this is how people get from Los Angeles to Phoenix, obviously, this project became important pretty quickly.

We just hope that no one was hurt as the floods impacted this area. Aside from this freeway, there had to have been some major cleanup necessary after the rain came to a stop.