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Video of 'Heaven on Earth' Hike Just 2 Hours From Seattle Is Straight Out of a Dream

Seattle may be a bustling metropolitan area, but just a couple hours outside of the city, one can find beautiful wilderness to explore, from mountains and volcanoes like Mt. Rainier to the lush and verdant coniferous forests. The stark contrast between the urban environment of the Seattle-Tacoma area and the nearby natural landscapes is striking!

TikTok user @jourdansilva shows us a hidden secret just two hours out from Seattle. You have to hike a pretty steep ascent to get to it, but it's worth it. She describes it as "Heaven on earth," and that description isn't far from the truth!

This is Colchuk Lake, which sits at the end of the aptly-named Colchuk Lake Trail.  The trip there and back is almost 8 miles total, and you have to ascend 2,300 ft to get to it. Once there, though, you experience stunning blue waters and a gorgeous alpine view! This is a hiker's dream.

Others who had experienced the trail and lake expressed its beauty as well. "just hiked there! Colchuck Lake is gorgeous," recounted @gingywithoutknees. "Colchuck and lake serene are 2 places that made the world stop around me when I visited, love it," said @baby.wub.

A word to the wise, though: "Lol I have swam there, lost feeling in limbs, it was so cold had to be pulled out," shared @putty3737. Yep- those alpine lakes are brisk, so take care! The video's creator agreed that the waters were chilly: "Soooo cold but the hot sun made it easier to dip into😂👌🏼." Just be sure to bring along a travel companion so you can be safe if you ever hike the Colchuk Lake Trail!

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