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Video Tour of Coco Chanel's Abandoned Scotland Mansion Is Downright Eerie

There's always something so eerie about abandonded places, and doubly so when it's a large and impressive property such as a mansion. It's melancholy and unsettling to see something that was meant to be opulent and glamorous sit empty and ignored for so long.

Coco Chanel certainly knew a thing or two about glamour. At one point in time one of the world's leading fashion designers (yes, that Chanel), she had many fabulous properties, including a mansion in Scotland. However, after her death in 1971, the mansion was abandoned and eventually fell into disrepair. It still stands to this day, but only as a shadow of what it once was. TikTok user @escapade_z frequently explores abandoned properties, and he paid a trip to Chanel's Scottish mansion in this video.

Despite the obvious repair, there's something about the rough stone walls that has made this mansion age better than some abandoned mansions we've seen. It almost feels like an old castle in that way. Despite this, it still has the eerie, lonely feeling that most of these abandoned properties have.

With such a history behind it, many wondered why the place was left abandoned. "Chanel makes so much money, why did they not restore this property and turn it into a museum," wondered @norak288. "I find it so odd that someone so famous didn't have anyone at all wanting to keep the home alive. So sad to me," mused @gizzieroberts.

There were some rumors, however, suggesting that the property will not be left abandoned forever. "An Insider article published last Jan 2020 says it's going to be converted into a boutique hotel, wonder if it's true 🧐," mentioned @edgineer. Whether those rumors were unsubstaintiated, or whether the pandemic threw off the plans for restoration, we're not sure. However, we hope they're true, or at least that the mansion will be restored and reused in some way! It's always sad to see beautiful properties like this go to waste.