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Train That Follows the Coast from LA to Santa Barbara Is Such a Hidden Gem

Rail travel goes underappreciated here in the United States. We don't have as advanced a rail system as the EU, China, or Japan, and it does go a bit slower than air travel. However, Amtrak and similar lines can offer passengers a relaxing and roomy travel experience, complete with panoramic views of the passing scenery that you can't get on board an airplane, even with a window seat. Plus, it's a more eco-friendly alternative to air travel!

If you want to see a great example of an Amtrak trip with a view, check out this video from TikTok user @alyssamorlacci. She took a daytrip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara on Amtrak's Coast Starlight Train. Talk about riding in style- this train is very chic, and offers its passengers some incredible scenery!

Wow... that view of the Pacific Ocean alone would make the trip worth it for us. Rather than driving all the way from LA to Santa Barbara, you get to relax and stretch your legs as you sip a drink and enjoy the scenery rushing by. Count us in!

Commenters also agreed that this seems like a preferable option to making the trip by car. "So much better than the freeways," commented user @simonschwarz11. "The one from San Diego is scenic too but this ride is so smooth, I prefer it over driving to SB," remarked @valkesa1.

Other commenters wanted to know more of the deetz about the ride itself. "Is it a bumpy ride? Worried about motion sickness," asked user @muggleness. The video's creator, @alyssamorlacci, responded "I get sick as well and had no issues!" User @acgirl143 wanted to know "How much were your tickets?" The answer? "$50 round trip!" replied @alyssamorlacci. With how much gas costs in California right now, that's a steal!

The next time you need to take a trip between cities, and you can spare a little extra travel time than you would flying, see if there's an Amtrak line that'll take you there. You may get to enjoy an unexpected, scenic, and affordable treat!

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