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Video of Creepy 'Clown Motel' in Nevada Might Just Give Us Nightmares

We can't exactly explain why, but something about clowns just rubs people the wrong way. We're sure that the popularity of characters such as the Joker or Pennywise from It have helped reinforce the "clowns are creepy" stereotype over the years, but there's still just something about clowns that's... unsettling.

Despite this, at some point someone had the thought "You know what would be a great theme for a place where people come to rest and stay the night? Clowns!" Otherwise, how else could one explain the existence of the Clown Motel? That's right- out in the Nevada desert sits The World Famous Clown Motel, and the best part? It's haunted! TikTok user @exploringwithjoshy, who is a fan of the creepy and paranormal, braved a stay there.

Ok, we had to find out more about this, because this place is terrifying- seriously, they built it next to a graveyard! Believe it or not, the motel was not always horror-themed (well, not intentionally). We found out that it was originally opened in 1985 by Leroy & Leona David to honor their late father and his extensive clown collection. Over the years, as paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures and the Clown Motel horror movies were filmed there, the hotel's operators begin to collect more clowns and lean into the spookiness of the concept by playing up the horror aspect!

Leaning into the scariness is a great marketing idea, but we don't know that we could get a good night's sleep staying there! Nevertheless, the motel is a cult attraction and popular with horror afficionados. "We did it with our 3 kids this summer (Exorcist room and Friday 13th room). Loved it!" recalled @katjadesjarlais. "I feel like I could work there and fit right in. I would work the night shift and go around peoples windows laughing and banging on walls," daydreamed @codygassner. "Ooh no!! I hate clowns! But I really want to stay there 😂," said @jassanr1- who is clearly braver than we are!

Would you be brave enough to stay the night here? Apparently you get a free clown nose with your stay- we all love free perks! Just... maybe check the lock on your door before falling asleep! Sweet dreams!