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Friends' Plan to Renovate an Old Closed-Down Hotel in France Comes With an Unexpected Surprise

We can't wait to hear what happens next.

We've seen a lot of people dive head first in to renovation projects, flipping houses to either live in or sell when they're finished, over the past few years. But tackling a larger project like a hotel is next level DIY! It involves a lot of hard work and expertise that's so different from what's required to renovate a house, of course.

There's a group of friends who are working together to renovate a closed down hotel in France, and they're sharing their journey on TikTok at @heransoun. One of their recent updates on the app is going viral, and once you'll see the surprise they ran into while working on the hotel, you'll totally understand why.

While they did share that they invited people to come help them work on the hotel, they were never expecting the guest who showed up: A goat. She pranced right onto the property and was even happy to be hugged and pet. She's such a friendly little animal (and not to mention adorable, too). 

Even though the goat felt right at home in the garden, they still wanted to find who she belonged to. Eventually, they discovered that she'd been living outside of a nearby home, but the owners of the home had died, so the goat came looking for some new friends. 

Now, it looks like the goat is going to be staying with them for awhile, and it seems like she's found a great home.

Who knows — maybe when the hotel is finished, she'll be a regular fixture who guests come to see.