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Man's Explanation of How to Use the Bathroom While 'Cliff Camping' Isn't for Amateurs

You have to be a brave soul to take on certain high-risk outdoor hobbies. Cave diving, mountain climbing, base jumping- some people are willing to risk life and limb to push the limits of exploration or take on death-defying thrills! Enthusiasts of these sports undergo extensive training and assume a lot of risks to do what they do, but what they do can be truly amazing. Thanks to our modern ability to take videos from phones and GoPros, its easier than ever to live vicariously through these adventurers!

TikTok user @countingcountries is a full-time traveler who regularly documents his adventures on TikTok. He's climbed Mt. Everest and recently went "cliff camping," sleeping on the side of a cliff while dangling thousands of feet in the air! He often answers questions from his fans too, and in this video, where he's asked how he uses the bathroom while cliff camping, his answer is... a bit obvious when you think about it, but no less terrifying!

So, you just...go off the side. Makes sense. However, just imagining trying to lean your body off the side enough to do your business is just too scary. The view is terrifying from just this video alone. What if you fall? Game over!

As it turns out, @countingcountries came close to that exact thing happening! "I peed off the side and almost fell off," he admits in the comments. No, no, NOPE! No thank you!!! At least one commenter saw the humor in this situation, though: "What a tragically embarrassing way to go buuuut hilarious 😂," replied user @wbtbwb8689.

There's another thing... taking your bathroom breaks over the ocean has us wondering, what happens if someone's swimming below? We're not alone in wondering: "No swimming allowed on that area I hope!," commented user @cincodemayo14. "Hopefully😂," responded the video's creator. What do you mean, HOPEFULLY?!?!

All we can say is, @countingcountries is one brave soul. We just hope he remembers to hold on a bit tighter the next time he takes a bathroom break at 1000 ft!

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