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Video Showing Just How Clear the Water in the Maldives Is Has Us Stunned

Deep within the heart of the Indian Ocean sits the Maldives, an island archipelago renowned for its gorgeous beaches and impossibly blue pristine waters. The unmatched oceanic beauty of the Maldives makes it a popular tourist destination where people can swim, scuba, and view the diverse ocean life that inhabits the area.

To demonstrate the staggering water clarity in the Maldives, TikTok user @luxexperiences did a test. She scooped some of the water out of the ocean into a clear drinking bottle and put it side by side with a bottle of actual drinking water. How did the test pan out? See for yourself!

That's right... it's impossible to tell which is which from appearance alone. There are no visible contaminants, no cloudiness... the water is absolutely pristine. No wonder the travel footage from the islands is always so gorgeous! With minimal contaminants, the water in the Maldives always reflects the stunning blue skies and offers a clear view of the sands below, as well as any ocean critters swimming along by!

There's always a critic, though: "Bahamas water is clearer," boasted Bahamanian TikTok user @humbleyouth242. We appreciate his enthusiasm for his home's waters, but this sounds like a challenge! The Maldives vs the Bahamas: which one's water reigns supreme?

We kid though. We can appreciate that both island nations are beautiful, with crystal- clear waters to die for. Now the real challenge falls onto @luxexperiences... remembering which bottle has the drinking water!

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