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Woman's Tour of the 'Cinderella Castle Suite' at Disney World Has Us Totally Jealous

It's every child's dream to go to Disney World, and even more of a dream for those lucky few who are able to stay in Disney's most exclusive hotel. Virtually nobody gets to stay in the Cinderella Castle suite at Walt Disney World, and one woman who recently had the chance is giving us a peek inside. It's so magical, we aren't even sure where to begin! 

The video of the suite was shared on TikTok by @emshelx, and she gave us a glimpse into this highly-coveted room. Just wait until you see all the magic that lies behind one of Disney's greatest monuments. There seriously isn't anything more enchanting than this! 

Wow! We knew it would be amazing, but we didn't expect everything to be so personalized. What a dream come true. People are stunned by this amazing experience, like user @gmraber, who said, "It’s hard to watch other people live out your dreams. 🥺. Just kidding, congrats on a magical stay!" We know the feeling. In another video, the creator shows the lavish bathroom, which is equipped with twinkling starlights over the bathtub to fit the dreamy aesthetic. 

Could this be any more incredible? Yes, yes, it can. If you think that bathroom is special, just wait until you see the bedroom. The most exclusive hotel room in the world will give you all the Disney princess feels with a touch of the most personalized ornaments. You'll want to take a look at this.

So regal! You really feel like you're transported into a Disney princess movie by staying here. Apparently, this couple won a Disney challenge that allowed them to stay in this magical suite. The creator posted in the comments, "The details are on @disneyparksuk's Instagram page, and also videos are on my page." Check them out if you want to know how to enter!