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Christmas-Themed Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Looks Absolutely Magical

You can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year all year long.

For some people, the Christmas season is from the day after Thanksgiving until the end of December... but for those of us out there who are truly living when the holiday season rolls around, the decorations and the playlists start coming out as soon as Halloween comes to an end. There are even people who would celebrate all year long if they could! 

If you find you fall into that category, we've found the perfect destination for you. As @christmasdays365 shared on TikTok, there's a Christmas-themed resort in Tennessee where it's December 25 every single day. If you're obsessed with all things Santa-related, you're definitely going to want to stay here! 

The hotel is called The Inn at Christmas Place, and it's located in Pigeon Forge, a popular vacation destination in the mountains. If you've never been there before, there are already a lot of fun things to do in and around town, from hiking to even visiting the nearby Dollywood, but we definitely have to add this hotel to our lists, too.

Everything from the lobby to the hotel rooms themselves is all-out decorated for Christmas, with trees, lights, and wreaths everywhere. And according to the commenters, it's a pretty neat place to visit. 

"We stayed there last year. It was a dream for me and it did not disappoint!" one visitor wrote.

It definitely sounds worth checking out. Is it ever the wrong time of year to celebrate Christmas? 

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