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Cruise Ship Worker Describes What It's Like Spending Christmas on the Ship

It can actually get a bit lonely.

There seem to be a lot of perks to working on a cruise ship — after all, we can't imagine turning down the opportunity to feel those vacation vibes all year long. But around the holidays, we can imagine it gets a little lonely. If you're not able to be with your family during that time of the year, it can be a serious bummer to see others enjoying quality time with their families on the ship.

But what is it really like to spend Christmas as a cruise ship worker? In a TikTok video, @bryanjamescruises shared his experience working on Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas this year, and it's actually pretty interesting.

This wasn't his first Christmas spent on a ship, and though he did admit that it can get a bit lonely, he also shared that it's nice to spend his downtime with his friends on board. For him, that meant playing the board game Settlers of Catan in a crew area before heading out to the island to check out what was going on. It was cold, of course, but he did note that being around everyone who was in the holiday spirit was a mood lifter.

He also added that Christmas cruises tend to be more "special" than others — he got to be there to see "snow" falling on the ship! And since his night ended with fireworks, we can't imagine the holiday itself was too bad.

What was really special, though, is that some cruisers took to the comments to thank him for working on a holiday so that they could enjoy their vacation.

"Merry Christmas and thank you for working on Christmas. Cruising is our favorite way to spend Christmas," one person wrote.

This is a good reminder to be extra nice to everyone you meet while traveling on a holiday. They have families they wish they could be with, after all.