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Chicago's Union Station Transforms Into the 'Golden Age of Travel' in Nostalgic Video

Palm Beach International Airport is the gateway to South Florida for many travelers flying in from all around the country- and indeed, from all over the world. The airport has recently started offering direct, non-stop flights from Chicago's O'Hare Airport. To advertise these new flights, however, they switched things up and stepped out of the airport.

Setting up a retro display in Chicago's Union Station, Palm Beach International Airport harkened back to the Golden Age of Travel to entice potential tourists. The TikTok account @thepalmbeaches shows off this swanky display!

It's like we stepped back in time, walking out of 2022 and onto the set of Mad Men. Trave has changed a lot over the past 50-60 years- air travel in particular. This fun bit of guerilla advertisement is meant to capture nostalgia for a bygone era that few of us remember now. While airports are much harder to navigate and much more informal in fashion than they were in the 60's, Palm Beach is still as attractive to tourists as it was 60 years ago- and hopefully, travelers will pick up on that and hop onto one of the brand-new direct flights!

Viewers were definitely charmed by the deluxe retro vibes. "This marketing team is nailing it," praised @kellymritchie. "This is making my little advertising heart so happy," @deeeeeelan admired. We know Don Draper would be all over this one.

However, as inviting as this display is, we'll never be able to fully recapture everything from the "Golden Age". "Does that mean I don’t have to go through TSA and I can smoke in planes again???" wondered @dorkizoid. Yeah... we doubt Palm Beach International is going that far with their nostalgic throwback. Still, it's an enticing and seductive campaign that is sure to draw winter tourists from frigid Chicago to sunny South Florida!

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