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American Expat Surprises Her Family in Chicago for Christmas and It's Just Too Good

Moving from your home country to a place halfway across the world is a big step, and while it can come with amazing life changes, it also requires sacrifice. Leaving your family and friends to move thousands of miles away can be emotionally devastating, and that homesickness hits hard. However, it also gives you opportunities to surprise your loved ones in wonderful ways, like this woman did here.

TikTok personality @paige_mariah moved far away from Chicago to London. However, she wouldn't let that distance keep her from coming home for Christmas!

OMG... pass the Kleenex, please. This got some serious happy tears out of us! This is what coming home for Christmas is all about. Paige adds in the description that this was from her first year of living abroad, and her parents had fully expected that she was staying in London for Christmas.  Their wonderful surprise is so evident, especially from her mother! The stream of questions from her mom made us chuckle- that's a sign of a mama who's overwhelmed with joy but still wants to make sure her baby's alright. There's nothing like seeing a family reunited for the holidays. 

Paige's fans were totally eating up this sweet scene. "Mama can’t enjoy the surprise until she knows “what are you doing here” translated “are you OK” - Daddy’s so happy he’s just soaking it in," observed @basgirlz. She really clocked the dynamic between the two parents, and how they both showed their love in their own unique ways. "Mamas always want to know how much it cost you," chuckled @kimmy021967- they just want to know that you'll be ok!

"Awwwww! The way they both held onto you!!" admired @lovealways_p. "That's fantastic! I love surprising my family also. Happy Holidays!" @leighsworld007 congratulated.

We hope this heartwarming scene inspires you to hold your loved ones a little tighter to you this holiday season. And if you can't be with them in person, call them and let them know how much you're thinking of them. No distance can ever diminish the love of family. We know Paige and her family must have had a very Merry Christmas that year. 

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