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Man Books the Cheapest Airbnb in Las Vegas and Total Hilarity Ensues

When booking anything for a trip- flights, hotel reservations, activities, whatever- budget is always a big concern. Now, obviously you don't want to go over budget. That said, it's important not to cut too many corners either- because when you do, stuff like this happens!

TikTok user @joshbuffcomedy wanted to book a stay in Vegas with his girlfriend while sticking to a budget. Being the thrifty guy he is, he went on Airbnb and picked the cheapest one he could find- ignoring tons of red flags along the way. When they showed up at their vacation spot, hilarity ensued!

Lol, this is exactly why you don't spring for the cheapest option while ignoring everything else! It's worth sacrificing a little more cash if it means that your stay is safe and comfortable. We wonder how this spot is still up and running as an Airbnb! This had us cracking up!

It's a good thing that Josh clearly has a good sense of humor, because he was getting roasted in the comments. "People will risk dying to save $50 smh," said @shawnlee879. "This is why I don’t let my man plan the trips 😂," commented @itsyourlocalnecia.

Vegas locals in particular were blown away at just how bad his selection really was: "Josh that's literally the worst part of Vegas," stated @cvvhenny. "That’s by the stratosphere, you was staying at a blood neighborhood my boy! 😂," pointed out salcidoo_18. Yikes!

Thriftiness is a good virtue for avid travelers to have, but it's possible to have too much of a good thing! While this story was funny, it could have gone south very easily. Like we said, it's worth it to spend a little more to stay safe and comfortable... at least at a place with working AC that's not right next to a trap house. 

Besides, if you don't like what you see on Airbnb, there's always hotels: "I stayed at the Luxor for like $35 a night. I would never Airbnb in Vegas. Some of the hotels are way cheaper!" shared @flywithcarson. At least explore your all your options before your book an Airbnb this bad!

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