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Video Showing 'Absolute Chaos' at Dublin Airport Makes Us Want to Stay Home

We should probably stick to road trips this summer.

Anyone who's traveled recently (or knows someone who has) knows that the air travel situation right now is a bit dodgy, to say the least. Canceled and delayed flights and long lines seem to be par for the course, and that's not just limited to what's going on in the United States.

As Irish culture account @districtireland shared on TikTok, the situation at the Dublin airport this week was a bit... hectic. Some of this footage is pretty shocking to see — we can't imagine being a traveler trying to get a flight out of here when things look like this

It's probably fair to assume that a good bit of these people missed their flights due to these kinds of lines... proving why it's so important to get to the airport as early as possible (though really, who could have predicted something like this?). 

Out of the hundreds of comments on the video, many people wanted to point out that it's not just Dublin this is happening in — it's all over the world.

"Not just Dublin, same chaos in London, LA, NY, Miami, Rome etc," one person wrote.

Another suggested that Ireland start improving its other airports to lessen the load in Dublin. "If they actually put investment into Cork or Shannon airport this wouldn’t be happening... but as always only invest in Dublin," they said.

It might be best to stick to road trips this summer if anyone's planning a vacation anytime soon. Fingers crossed flying gets easier again soon!