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Traveler's 90s-Style 'Champagne Hot Tub' Hotel Room Is Causing a Stir

Some people are so freaked out by this room.

We're sorry to be the ones to tell you this, but it's true: '90s styles are now starting to be considered vintage here in the year of 2023. It's not personal, it's just the way trends change over time (as much as it might feel like it's the world's way of calling us old). That goes for hotel trends — gone are the days of champagne tubs and mirrors on the ceilings in honeymoon resorts.

Or are they? One woman on TikTok, @aprettycoolhoteltour, shared a peek into her hotel room in the Poconos that featured a champagne hot tub, and so far, she's gotten a surprising amount of negative comments about it. 

In a video we can see a hotel room that looks totally camp by today's standards but would have been considered luxurious just a few decades ago. She climbs out of the hot tub, which is shaped like a champagne glass filled with pink champagne, and set to the song "If I Give My Heart To You" by Doris Day, it's basically a vintage dream.

"Me ignoring any negative comments about the hotel room because it's the best place on earth (to me) and you just can't convince me otherwise," she wrote in the video.

She was right to anticipate negative comments, because there are plenty. People feel very strongly about how these older, outdated rooms may not be clean and how she should avoid taking a blacklight to them at all costs. Uh, yuck.

They still weren't able to change her mind, though; in a follow up video, she even shared the history of champagne tubs, hoping that people might be able to appreciate them better.

Haters are gonna hate, and if she loves checking out these kinds of hotels, more power to her. We have to admit that the tub is really cool!