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Video of Airplane View of Central Park Skyscrapers High Above the Clouds Is Pretty Awesome

Imagine looking outside your home and literally being in the clouds. Those who live on the top floors of New York City skyscrapers get to live this experience everyday. But for those who don't know what it's like, looking from the outside in on airplanes is the only way we can imagine the true size of these buildings. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @djshakeythelegend, he managed to capture a shot while his flight was high above Central Park, and to say that the view is breathtaking is a major understatement. Check out how cook the skyscrapers look! 

Whoa. This is a pretty cool view this guy had from the plane! It was a cloudy night in NYC, and the skyscrapers in Central Park were peeking out above the clouds. People in the comments are wondering what the view is like for people on the top floors. Like user @kreamian who said, "I would love to see this video from the angle of someone living up there." We're curious, too! Do they just walk out and see the clouds as their eating breakfast??

TikTok users are trying to imagine what these people on the top floor apartments are like and what they do in their free time. One commenter, @saraht_txrealtor, said, "I wonder what they do above the clouds when they think no one is watching." Something tells us the answer is likely, "anything they darn well please!"