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Video Tour of $65,000 Suite on Celebrity's Newest Cruise Ship Is Blowing People Away

There are plenty of great reasons that people go on cruise vacations. Whether it's to see multiple islands or countries at one time, or to get more bang for their buck, cruises can be a winning alternative to standard one-location destinations. On top of that, they're often pretty budget-friendly. Of course, for those who want to go all out and money isn't a concern, cruise ships come with some pretty swanky accommodations.

Take for example the $65,000 "Iconic Suite" on Celebrity cruise line's newest ship, the Celebrity Beyond. Yes, we said $65,000. As in more than most people pay for a car. Did we mention this "cabin" has over 2,500 square feet? As in bigger than a lot of people's houses? Get ready to be blown away by this new TikTok video from @cruisefever, which gives us a tour of the suite.

Um, wow. Who else would never leave the private balcony and cabana? And waking up to the view from the master bedroom must be an experience in itself. Man. One can dream. 

For a closer look, check out this tour that Celebrity shared on their Instagram page.

Just... whoa. Needless to say, people are pretty blown away by how lavish this suite is. One commenter, @randylyons58 exclaimed, "That suite is larger than my house!" (Join the club!) Another TikTok user, @SandyLynn added, "I’m so curious about the window treatments in the master bedroom. It would be amazing once you are awake." And @Indiogirl said, "I would never leave the room 🥰."

Of course, other people think if you have $65,000 to spend on a 10-day cruise, you might be better off going another route entirely. @tiktok2 suggested, "If you have the money to rent that, go on a private cruise… 🥰." Good point. But if you have 65k to throw around on a trip, why not go all out and have all of the activities and amenities that come with a larger ship? One thing's for sure, staying in the Iconic Suite would surely be an experience to remember.

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