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Spooky 'Catacombs' Tour in NYC Sounds Like a Haunting Good Time

If you're a thrill-seeker who enjoys spooky, haunted, and creepy stuff, then this one's for you! How does taking a behind-the-scenes, 90-minute catacomb tour around a famous city landmark to explore secret graveyards that are connected by secret hallways and tunnels sound? Did we mention it's all by candlelight? Boo!

Graveyard tourist and TikTok video creator @creepyhistoryclass shares a clip of this ghostly good time in New York City. Who needs Halloween anyway? Peel your hands away from your covered eyes and check out this attraction if you dare.

Discover the exciting secrets hidden beneath New York City's oldest and historic Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral located in Little Italy. Here, you get to experience walking the church grounds that are otherwise off limits to visitors. The catacombs serve as final resting places for the dearly departed. There are incredible stories and great history of several famous New Yorkers' pasts.

TikTok fans love hearing about this spooky and 'not your norm' kind of tour. User @declanthomas101 writes, "That’s so cool! Thanks so much. I’ll definitely add this to my itinerary." Another comment from @jaclynmcmahon states, "I LOVED this tour!! Worth every penny and the some. Our tour guide, Mike, was the BEST!!" Great to know. We will add this destination to our next trip to NYC. Viewer @another_perfect_mother adds, "I love that place! I haven't had the chance to do the tour, but I would love to someday!"

Who would've thought in the middle of the mayhem and the craziness of New York City, there's something like this? We shouldn't be surprised. It's NYC after all, so pretty much anything goes.