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Cat 'Checks In' to Woman's Vacation Villa Like He Owns the Joint and People Are Loving It

Double booking a hotel room is a rare mix-up nowadays, although it can be stressful when it does happen. Rarer still, however, is double booking a guest room when one of the guests isn't even human.

Shannon Dalton, who runs the TikTok account @jarrahandnala for her two rescue dingoes, took a vacation to Lombok, Indonesia. She thought that she had her vacation villa all to herself. However, after briefly leaving her villa for a few minutes, she came back to find an unexpected guest had claimed her spot.

She may have been the one who actually booked the room and put the money down, but he said "meow" and rolled over back to sleep when she tried to tell him, so it's clear who the winner of the argument is here. You could do worse for an unexpected roommate, though- at least it won't be hard to share the bed! "BTW kitty is a boy, no fleas no ringworm just a happy/ lazy cat," she explains in the comments. Looks like they're already getting along as fast friends.

"He just got back from his night shift let him sleep," pleaded @icy_blasian2. "It's so hot in summer for black cats so they need to cool down 😁," explained @coolcathat. "He was welcomed to stay as long as he wanted. I left the door open for him to wander in and out," replied Shannon. We would have done the same- he seems like the perfect unexpected vacation buddy!

Does a complimentary cat come with each booking at the Kalea Villas in Kuta Lombok? If so, brb... booking our stay right now!