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Woman's Unexpected Overnight Visitor at a Campground in Utah Is an Animal Lover's Dream

Normally, the last thing you'd want while you're camping out in the wilderness is for an animal to break into your tent while you're sleeping! However, one woman who had this situation happen to her woke up to a pleasant surprise.

TikTok user @hanaventures, an avid solo traveler, was on what she expected to be an ordinary camping trip. Staying at a glamping spot in a remote part of Utah, she likely believed she would have a quiet trip all to herself. But when an unexpected animal visitor made her way inside her tent, it sent them both off on a surprise adventure!

A domestic house cat is typically not the type of animal you'd expect to find out in the wilderness, but it was a welcome surprise. She was so friendly and affectionate! Just her purring alone melted our hearts. As @hanaventures says in the video, her name is Simone and her owners lost her a few days prior at the campsite while moving cross country!

With that information, people were absolutely clamoring for an update- did Simone ever reunite with her family? "I'm so invested now. we NEED a part 2 PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!!!" begged @witchbehindblueeyes, and we were dying to know as well. Thankfully, @hanaventures followed up with a second video soon after:

What a wonderful ending. We were treated to a mini road trip movie featuring a feline friend, and it concluded with a happy ending as Simone was reunited with her mommy! Of course, we were tearing up when she cried while saying goodbye to her new friend. "I totally understand your tears, that’s how fast kitties claim your heart!" sympathized @ladybug4life87 in the comments. However, it was worth it, as she reunited a loving family and possibly made a new human friend as well!

The commenters agreed that it was a miracle that Simone found such a sympathetic human. "She knew you would take care of her!" exclaimed @cakesofpam. "Poor thing was probably frightened and very hungry. I’m glad she found someone as nice as you to take care of her that makes my heart happy 😁," said @mrhumble82. What a beautiful story from start to finish!

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